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When you are out in the environment, there is a myriad of elements that you can control, and that makes it more exciting. You work with ambient light, work more on the fly. Creatively, it more stimulating for me.. I played for three teams: Michigan, Oakland (Raiders) and Green Bay (Packers). Three teams with great tradition. Green Bay ain’t changing, Michigan’s worn some different jerseys and Oakland wasn’t changing..

Les siges des circonscriptions de Montral sont rarement en jeu dans une lection, ce qui veut dire que les politiciens provinciaux n aucun intrt essayer d amliorer le sort, ni en chanter les vertus. 3. Montral est perue dans les mdias essentiellement de droite que nous avons comme un repaire de gauchistes, donc, sa reprsentation mdiatique est exagrment mauvaise ( contraster avec les louanges dont fait l Qubec, souvent tort).

“If I hadn’t competed in it a number of times, I wouldn’t compete in it this weekend,” Jones said. “I am ready to run fast period. I am probably going to do that whatever. Crisis PR expert Mike Paul thinks it’s dangerous and “brazen” for Woods and Nike to risk a backlash from fans and media at a time when both their brand reputations are rebounding. Woods has put the focus squarely back on his improving golf game, not his personal life. Nike is bouncing back from the image disaster with disgraced former endorser Lance Armstrong..

But my Strategic Management Research project experience is definitely worth noting. Our challenge was to find a financially viable solution to increasing the supply of affordable senior housing using private equity rather than subsidized capital sources in partnership with Mercy Housing, a nationally respected affordable housing nonprofit. Our team was able to demonstrate that not only could a private equity approach to affordable senior housing be profitable for investors, but government programs like Medicare and Medicaid could reduce spending at the same time, which has the potential to revolutionize affordable housing.

3. LeBron James gives Nike shoes to Cleveland Clinic kidsFor as amazing as James is on the court, one could argue the Akron native is even more impressive off it. That was once again the case in March, when James donated several pairs of his Nike signature shoes to children at the Cleveland Clinic..

I don’t really care about points per game. I only care about how many possessions we have and how many times we score. Every possession, I want to put it in the end zone. They were even going to kill me. I was attacked twice because I was opposing violence and they said I was an agent of the Indian government, Chohan said. Purewal and Hayer were friends for more than 30 years before each of their lives ended prematurely at the end of an assassin gun.

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FWIW, this year, the PRRO circuit (Peachtree 10k, Boilermaker 15k, Bloomsday 12k, Cherry Blossom 10M) is starting their own pool of OOC testing for those in the hunt. (Each event had been required to test; no support provided for previously banned athletes). Cherry Blossom just promised to reimburse any promoted finishers resulting from another’s drug ban, which is the first race I’ve heard to do so..

Mon avis, les lunchs sont autant une corve qu preuve d Preuve d c vraiment l de prendre le temps et l de choisir et prsenter de bons aliments pour ceux qu aime. Ce matin, mes filles et mon chum sont partis avec un trio de salades colores souhait (et bien bonnes, je viens juste de terminer ma propre portion). J peine fini mon djeuner que j vol leur bote lunch ! Corve: le problme avec les lunchs, c qu reviennent 5 jours par semaine !!! C exigeant.

American fashion brands Thom Browne, Brandon Maxwell, Zac Posen, Alice Olivia and Calvin Klein are also a part of her extensive list of designers. And who they are as people matters. Are they good people? Do they treat their staff well? Do they treat my staff well? Are they young? Can I give them a boost? But! When all of that is equal .

“He was different from the typical computer person,” Box said. “Most computer people are strong on one side of the brain but not on both sides. He had the ability to communicate. It spread only a few inches across the top of the toe line of the white leather Air Jordan X, but it was wide enough and long enough for Michael Jordan to put his foot down. “We were in a hotel room, and Michael takes one look at the shoe and said, hate it, > Chapter 6: ChicagoOn Nov. 7, 1987, Michael Jordan scored 36 points at the old Chicago Stadium as the Bulls defeated Philadelphia to begin their 1987 88 season.

In keeping with the industry norm, Moore said, Catalyst’s proposed valuations were reviewed by outside accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. However, of the 17 completed sales showcased on Catalyst’s website, most were “substantially realized” in 2010 or earlier, often for US$50 million or less, according to a Reuters review of information Catalyst sent to clients. Nine of the sales were for the firm’s small first fund, which was largely wound down several years ago..

Tracey, a Frontenac grad who ran in high school, resumed the sport in earnest two years ago. She has twice completed the Army half marathon as well as last February Winterman half marathon, both in Ottawa. Dave was one of the torch bearers when the Olympic flame passed through Kingston in 2009..

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The FBI documents redact the name of the person who told them the Colonel had received a letter that was in nature. Following the tip, the Colonel was interviewed by the FBI in early 1974. And that friendly faced, bespectacled old man couldn think of any events that could have thrown someone into a murderous rage against him.

Chiar si Socrate se lauda cu acest vesmant de atenian veritabil. Click cu mouseul pe adresaCamasi Dama Ieftine: in imaginile care s au pastrat se remarca o anumita asprime a corsajului ce necesita o armatura. Aceasta armatura va deveni o piesa independenta, ea inchizand bustul ca intr o palnie, lungind talia si ridicand pieptul.

In 1988, however, it was first awarded in its present form: to a Canadian astronomer or an astronomer working in Canada, in recognition of outstanding achievement in research (either as a specific achievement or as a lifetime of research). The recipient shall be invited to address the Society at its Annual Meeting. To be considered for the award, nominees must be current CASCA members in good standing..

1. What was Comey referring to last week about Sessions? Questioned by Sen. Ron Wyden (D OR), Former FBI Director James Comey dropped a hint about some kind of information with regards to Attorney General Sessions and the Russia investigation, which Comey was convinced would lead to Sessions recusing himself from the Russia probe.

This time, they trailed 28 13 when Cody Kessler hit Terrelle Pryor Sr. For a 5 yard TD with 2:07 left, but his pass on the 2 point conversion failed. The Browns recovered the onside kick, and Duke Johnson Jr. Schellenberg, Dr. Pericak Vance, Dr. Farrer, Dr.

The town of Mayodan was founded in 1895 by a group of prominent businessmen from Winston and Salem who believed that the location beside a powerful waterfall on the Mayo River and along the newly formed Roanoke and Southern Railroad could support a major textile operation. Moravian Francis Henry Fries began raising funds to build a mill in 1892, and shortly after he purchased 300 acres for real estate development. The commercial business area, mill worker housing, Episcopal and Moravian churches and a hotel followed beginning at the turn of the century.

The family owned U pick at 15980 SW 248th St. Has been selling homemade jam, jellies, baked goods and yummy strawberry shakes for more than 55 years. The yeasty cinnamon buns, sold warm and dripping with icing, are to die for. Content around diversity, equity, and inclusion and digital transformation has also been added, Pertew noted, reflecting the increasing focus of these topics among HR leaders.considerations for attracting top people, building efficient teams, and retaining key contributors have been completely overhauled in just the last few years, said Pertew, is why we believe so strongly in getting people together for idea exchange and tactical knowledge share.Uncubed now maintains both SHRM and HRCI accreditation and attendees will be eligible for qualifying professional development credits in accordance with their standards.Participants can expect to increase their understanding of how to build and maintain world class teams in an environment where AI and data, candidate experience, employer brand, and diversity, equity, and inclusion represent both today biggest opportunities and challenges.Uncubed encourages anyone who plays a significant part in the hiring, recruiting, or employer branding process for their company to attend HR Uncubed. It a highly relevant learning and network opportunity for both growth stage companies and established corporations executing digital transformation strategies. Conference passes start at $999 per attendee and include access to two days of content including keynote addresses, along with food and other refreshments.

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The students who attended really enjoyed the panel and are looking forward to future professional development opportunities. “I’m impressed with how hands on they are with their businesses, and how they all spoke about doing customer service to make sure they are in touch with the end user,” said Margaux LaPointe (’17), a first year member of WBC and RMA. “The women provided insight into starting a business and, most important, expressed unfailingly positive attitudes.

Branding today is a broad term used to describe the charisma of your business. It is the gut feeling your customers and employees feel about the company or product. Because your market is human made up of emotional, intuitive beings, the value of branding is found beyond the traditional logic of business management.

It’s been a few frantic weeks for Barrett since Canada’s World Cup win, with a flurry of appearances and interviews. On a recent evening at their suburban Mississauga home, Barrett recounted how he’d done three interviews that day, worked out twice, and managed to squeeze in a hair cut. A crew from Slam magazine was setting up in his dining room for one last interview before he called it a night..

The estimated trade losses due to piracy in India was close to Rs. 2,160 crores in 2002. Of the total business, the software segment alone lost Rs. It would also set a terrible precedent of selling off civic assets to generate revenue. Imagine a town where you drive over the T Mobile Bridge to get to Coca Cola High School, at the corner of Comcast and Allstate Streets and the town itself is called Intel ville. But until recently, the idea of selling subway station names and other naming rights seemed far fetched too..

I think about Michelangelo and Picasso, you know, the pyramids. Is Eminem favourite rapper. I my favourite rapper. 4 to benefit the St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Call (813) 849 2120 . He was found stray by animal control, and has had a bit of a tough life; he has one working eye, and had a broken leg that healed wrong. Willie would be great for a family with children. He is a very happy and loves attention..

Stosh Mintek, executive director of the Ghetto Film School in Los Angeles, lamented the shortfalls of our modern education system in developing creative thinkers and emphasized the need to encourage students to become storytellers in both their art and in their lives. The Ghetto Film School caters to high school students from diverse backgrounds and aims to educate and develop the next generation of storytellers. Through his work there, Mintek strives to be a part of the solution to the lack of inclusivity in the entertainment industry by using storytelling as a conduit to engage youth from underserved communities..

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Eriksen has been honing those skills since his teenage years at Ajax. He was 16 when he made the move from Denmark to Holland and went on to make more than 150 senior appearances for the club before he had even turned 21. “I definitely think it shaped me as a player,” he says.

As for the car loan, Simmons said there are two parts to the story. “One is whether I knew about it; two, Nancy’s individual rights,” said Simmons. “I knew nothing about it, and I know that sounds hard to believe. Another longtime sponsor, sportswear maker Oakley, said it is withholding a decision until the International Cycling Union the governing body for cycling decides if it will fight USADA’s sanctions against Armstrong. UCI has until Oct. 31 to appeal USADA’s sanctions against Armstrong to the world Court of Arbitration for Sport.

He could begin by having a serious talk with the folks at Nike, whose sneakers he has made famous, about its efforts to police the subcontractors who make its shoes in places like Indonesia. Jordan gave a response worthy of Pontius Pilate when he was asked during the playoffs about allegations of sweatshop conditions in Nike factories. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for inaction..

Wood sticks are priced quite low, and you should be able to buy a decent one for between $50 and $75. Composite sticks are usually lighter and more durable, and are preferred by a lot of players because they allow for a lot of fancy stick work and cause less fatigue over a period of time. Predictably, there’s also more expensive than their wooden cousins; though most come with three digit price tags, there are some decent ones for under $100..

Like many Americans before him, McClintock arrived in China with fears of deprivation and isolation. He brought a 1.8 kilogram tub of peanut butter from the Safeway in Flagstaff, Arizona. “We figured that would hold him,” his wife says, “until I could get there with the Hamburger Helper.” Alisha shows off the well stocked larder in the condo: Welch’s Strawberry Spread, Bush’s Original Baked Beans, Franco American Gravy and Post Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal, all of it personally delivered by Alisha who is completing her nursing studies at Northern Arizona when she arrived on Christmas break..

Alexander and Apocalypsefinished the first day of play with a 20 12 victory over Team Land Sharks, which features fellow Patriot Mattrell McGraw and LSU target Tony Brown.Dupre andthe Field Generals were the only other team to finish the day above .500 asthey won their other two games against squads featuring 2014 LSU commitments.The FieldGenerals picked up a 26 14 victory over Team Vapor Carbon, which features Ed Paris,and a 27 0 shutout win over Team Alpha Pro and Chris Hardeman.”I’m realgood friends with both of those guys,” said Dupre, who had a 20 yard touchdown reception against Vapor Carbon. “It was real competitive.”The fourother teams in the competition each picked up a victory to finish 1 2. and Noil’s Super Bad squad won their game over Vapor Carbon infirst half that set his team up for four chances to score inside the red zone.

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We require to burn up body fat whilst building lean muscle mass mass to reduce our Body Mass Index (BMI). These are outfitted with playgrounds, parklands, barbeque areas, beautiful water, and more. They are close to the buying centres, espresso shops and eating places for your convenience.

Likewise for Tatum. His father, Justin, was a college teammate of former NBA player Larry Hughes at St. Louis and played a couple years professionally in the Netherlands before returning to the states and coaching. Application based feed readers or installable desktop programs are simple software applications that are installed on the computer. Whenever you go online, they check the RSS feeds for blogs you are subscribed to and display the new posts into the reader on your computer. Feed Demon (Windows) and NetNewsWire (Mac OS X) are popular application based feed readers..

Kelly left Oregon in 2013, shortly before the NCAA tagged him with an 18 month show cause order for his involvement in recruiting violations. The show cause has expired, but could be an issue for some would be employers. SEC schools would have to clear his hiring with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, but indications are that wouldn be a hindrance..

She feels there no chance of that now that she married. She is a different person today since being forced to wed. Much older now than I used to be a year ago, Kasanesh says. Aside from slightly thicker stripes and a asymmetrical style, it’s more of the same from Macron for Palace’s home kit. It also has an NSNO insignia on the back in reference to the club’s motto Satis Nisi Optimum’ (nothing but the best). The new away kit, meanwhile, is a white shirt with grey hoops on the sleeves for an “eye catching” look..

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) Employees told LPD that the suspect ordered a bacon cheeseburger and handed the cashier $2 for the meal. But when the cashier opened the register, the suspect said, “Give me $40 or I’ll shoot you.”The employee asked the suspect if he wanted all the money but he said no.The employee gave the suspect $40 and he waited approximately two minutes for his order to be completed.The suspect is described as having short black curly hair, wearing a black and white shirt.The suspect kept his hand in his pocket as if he had a gun. Employees never saw the weapon but they say they did fear for their lives.Police reviewed surveillance footage and said the suspect appeared to be wearing long black socks and Nike sandals.

For travel, Guri Underdal has developed this system: She teaches two hours at her job in the elementary school in Skedsmokorset, a suburb of Oslo. Here.) for Amsterdam. Then she counts on nine hours on the airplane to Minneapolis. Spent about 45 minutes with them, said Savage, focusing much of his attention on the littlest fan. He complimented Memphis on his shoes, waited patiently for the boy to spell out his name so he could autograph a photo, and cheered him on: heard you a fighter. You just keep fighting, OK? was almost crying, said Savage.

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23. Call coach Jim Ford (457 0222 or 453 5396). Anyone interested in officiating high school girls volleyball in Northwestern Connecticut and the Greater Waterbury area for the upcoming season should contact Candy Perez (379 7778).. A security officer saw two men run into a stairwell and take items out of the purse. The thieves fled into the parking garage. The purse was recovered without some personal property.

“The thing is we understand that the linemen are part of the game, too, so we built the Elite 51 uniform in a variety of sizes, a variety of cuts with players of all shapes and sizes in mind,” Strong said. “So, the idea is to enhance performance across the board. And when we say it’s built for speed, it’s not just built for speed among the running backs corps.

The at the end of the first name and at the beginning of the last can Seriously. I don care if they going to call him Roc or not, then he be Cannon . End of the first is still the same sound as the beginning of the last name. Yet most of Minnesota has met Moore’s enthusiasm with a yawn. Average game attendance has hovered around 9,300 over the last couple years. That’s a drop off from its start in 1999, when an average of 10,500 Minnesotans watched a mediocre team miss the playoffs.

Six years ago, Walid Hejazi, associate professor at University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, discovered that half the people in his program had an increasing desire to learn more about the Middle East. It wasn surprising given the fact that international students comprise a larger and larger portion of enrolment at the school.the time there was very little offered in terms of Islamic finance on the curriculum, he says. So he took it upon himself to build a Middle East focused curriculum, starting with study tours to the region.After the fourth junket, he introduced a course on Islamic finance.Because Mr.

A journalist, it upsetting to see another from our ranks caught up in these kinds of scandals. But as we seen, no profession is immune, she said. I doubt if anyone will be surprised if there are similar headlines to come. Lauderdale, FL 33301Miner Miner, Anne E., 93, of Plantation, FL, passed away on March 23, 2008. All County Funeral Home Crematory.Morere Morere, Peter, 57, of Boca Raton, FL, passed away on March 22, 2008. Gary Panoch M Funeral Home Cremations, Boca Raton.Morris Morris, Charles Edwin, 84, of South Miami, FL, passed away on March 22, 2008.

Ran and surfed our brains out, said Davis, who is fifth in UO history at 10,000 meters (28:38.86 in 1999). Through that influence I went to the Navy. He was a pilot and that is something I always wanted to do. “In the early days of our partnership, I was checking for authenticity,” Bolden said. “What’s this going to look like, you know? This is so way beyond where I ever thought we would be. The attention to detail, the attention to being open and flexible to change to meet the needs of the children..

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Existing Verizon customers will be able to pre order the phone beginning Feb. 3. The phone will launch in Apple and Verizon stores and online on Feb. “It historic,” Jenkins said. “The best people run this race. It one of the good wins for me. In another industry, Starbucks saw that when people were waiting in line to order, they were on their phones. And when they were waiting for their orders? Again, on their phones. They also saw that once the line reached a certain length, people would go somewhere else to get their coffee.

Customized sneakers, for example. That’s an option Nike has offered for about 15 years, and later mimicked by Adidas and New Balance, among others. Typically, a sneaker company’s computer program offers a variety of features allowing a user to personalize their sneaker that, in theory, would be different than anything else in the world or, perhaps, in the user’s immediate neighborhood.

Officials do not believe the two shootings are directly connected. Investigators declined to comment on how many shooters there were in the May 22 shooting in Gresham. Court records show that all three men charged agreed on going to the apartment in a plan to kill Ervan Herring Jr.

He adds, “What kept us going was the absolute knowledge of where we’re coming from, the purpose of the film, the point it’s making, the stand it takes, and the manner in which it’s doing that. We knew that we were completely different from everything else that had been viewed until now. If this one stood out from the inundation of sports themed videos, our job was done.”.

They’ve gone against experienced Pac 12 guards and two of the better backcourts in the Big Ten Conference. They’ve tangled with Notre Dame’s dandy starting guards. They encountered perhaps their biggest challenge to date Saturday against Xavier’s Tu Holloway and Mark Lyons.

Soon, Sinha had to go. “Though the orders clearly said he should not be given a new posting for six months, the orders were disregarded and in less than nine months he went back to the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) from where he had come on deputation. In November 2012 he was appointed CBI director.”.

Michael Gray, 52, who was born in Nashville, was apprehended by the LaVergne SWAT Team at a home on September Drive.Officials say a Texas fugitive wanted for crimes against a child was arrested in LaVergne on Friday night. Michael Gray, 52, who was born in Nashville, was apprehended by the LaVergne SWAT Team at a home on September Drive.Metro Police investigating armed robbery at Hardees in MadisonMetro Police investigating armed robbery at Hardees in MadisonUpdated: Saturday, March 24 2018 2:51 PM EDT2018 03 24 18:51:48 GMTA man robbed a Hardees in Madison at gunpoint on Friday night. (Courtesy: MNPD)Metro Police are searching for the gunman who robbed a Hardees in Madison on Friday night.Metro Police are searching for the gunman who robbed a Hardees in Madison on Friday night.Sources: MTSU to hire UNC Asheville’s Nick McDevitt as men’s basketball coachSources: MTSU to hire UNC Asheville’s Nick McDevitt as men’s basketball coachUpdated: Saturday, March 24 2018 1:49 PM EDT2018 03 24 17:49:01 GMTNick McDivitt (Photo: NBC Sports)Nick McDivitt (Photo: NBC Sports)Middle Tennessee State University has found its replacement for Kermit Davis.

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FILE In this May 21, 2013 file photo, South Korean models pose with LG Electronics’ organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs during the World IT Show in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung Electronics Co., which is preparing for the global launch of the Galaxy S5 smartphone on April 11, 2014, said it is making “concentrated efforts” to ensure its communications around the world respectfully portray women. Some of its promotions and corporate events in the past year were criticized as sexist and demeaning.

“Pittsburgh is a place I really enjoy,” Crosby said. “There are a lot of similarities to where I grew up in Cole Harbour (Nova Scotia), starting with the people. I relate to the people in Pittsburgh. As a gay female, the legalization of same sex marriage in New York State had a profound impact on my life. By my junior year of high school, I was out to my family and friends; however, I was not yet comfortable enough to discuss the legalization of same sex marriage. So on June 24, 2011, I silently went into my room and watched as the Senate voted on the bill.

The 6 foot 3, 285 pound Seidelman plays center for Bishop Moore, but the versatile lineman will line up at either guard or center at UCF. Seidelman said offensive line coach Greg Austin hinted that the Bishop Moore standout, who committed to the Knights last week, could also be a redshirt target, but that will be determined later. Crimm from Ocala Vanguard..

Godfrey Thompson, DB, 6 0, 205, Jr., Jackson, Miss. (Hinds CC)Officially enrolled early at ECU in January of 2012 and will join Pirates for spring drills . Signed a letter of intent during the December junior college signing period. BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) According to a news release from Captain Scott Adams with the Blytheville Police Department, officers responded to Shoe Carnival, 305 N. Service Rd., in reference to a shoplifting April 21.The assistant manager told police that a man came into the store and walked into the women section.Employees recognized the man as a previous shoplifter.They reportedly saw him put a pair of Nike shoes in his pants.When employees confronted him about the shoes, he ran out of the store.The next day, on April 22, officers responded to the Shoe Carnival again for an alarm.When they arrived, police noticed the front door was shattered and a Nike shoe box was lying nearby.A quick search of the store was done, but the suspect was not there.When the manager arrived, he showed police the surveillance video and identified the man as the same shoplifter they dealt with the day before.The man stole seven pairs of Nike brand tennis shoes valued at approximately $700.During the investigation, detectives were able to identify the man as Wendell Shields.Then on April 23, officers responded to Hays, 200 E. Main St., in reference to a robbery.The security video showed a set black female approximately 5 to 5 tall come into the store through the main entrance, according to the news release.The woman reportedly told the cashier that she had a gun and wanted the money out of the register.A fight started between the woman and store employees.During the altercation, a man, later identified as Shields, can be seen stealing items and running away.While reviewing the video, detectives realized Shields came into the store just after the woman.

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Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) Google’s one time “adult supervisor” is getting closer to retirement. Eric Schmidt, who took over as CEO in 2001, three years after investors demanded more mature leadership for the fast growing tech giant, will step down as executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet in January.

“I am constantly impressed by the sensitivity, intelligence, and passion for positive social change that I see in our students.” Jennie Barron, Instructor, Peace and Justice Studies and Rural Pre MedicineJennie has always had a passionate intellectual interest in issues where social and environmental justice intersect, often constructively, though sometimes with painful incompatibilities. Her masters’ research looked at social movement politics at the intersection of Indigenous rights and environmental issues (specifically nickel mining, low level military flight testing) in the territory of the Labrador Innu.Jennie is currently working on a PhD that has to do with community food security and the ways people are re asserting and re imagining the concept of the commons. Specifically, her focus is on community orchards.The themes of community, justice, and connection are a constant thread throughout Jennie’s academic explorations and in all the courses she teaches.Jennie’s Diverse Work ExperienceLike many transplants to this idyllic place, Jennie has worked in a variety of capacities outside her role at Selkirk College, doing everything from academic research and editing to community development organizing, to social research, report writing and analysis for various local consultants, to documentary radio production, to outdoor and environmental education with students of all ages.Why Jennie loves Selkirk CollegeAt Selkirk, what Jennie loves most is connecting with students.

And my wife kept on talking about it, and I kept on pushing it off and she said, ‘Well, Sunday we’re having our first service in our theater room at the house.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, man.’ So I know I’m the husband, love her death, not gonna hang her out to dry. I’m gonna be ready. But there’s a side of me, like, I hope Saturday you say maybe we’re not gonna go..

France averaged 11.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and four steals, leading McNamara to the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference regular season and tournament championships. The Forestville school went an area best 32 5, losing four games by a total of how many to three of the nation top 10 teams No. 1 Canyon (Tex.), No.

(Applause.) And thanks to everyone at Nike for hosting us today, here in “Federer Platz.” (Laughter.) You know, the White House is cool. (Laughter.) We’ve got a basketball court actually, it’s a tennis court that we repainted some lines (laughter) when I came into office. So it’s a combination basketball tennis court.