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They were among only 10 players remaining under par. Thomas made 17 pars and a double bogey when he three putted from six feet on No. 16.. Golf is a fun, challenging sport for the whole family, but when mom, dad and junior take to the course, the cost of equipment can flatten your wallet. If you’re ready to score a hole in one with golf gear, check out Castle Shannon’s Golf Specialtees. This family owned store is proof you don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money for clubs, particularly if you’re just getting started with the game.

Every time a brand new father themselves, Koston was responsible for selecting all of the products from Target: Newborn onesies, a Play bouncer, diapers, baby wipes. We proven up every day early and drove by Potrero park, where Koston spotted Mike skating around. “Let us pull over and skate while using the Phelper!” everybody yelled.

In a phone interview, Forsythe said he decided to be candid because I want to help dissipate the fear of HIV related diseases. I want to encourage others to lead productive lives even if they have a life threatening disease. I feel its time to take the stigma off HIV and that begins by being open and talking about it.

Picture of a replica of the sneakers that actor Michael J. Fox used in the movie “Back to the Future in 1985, being displayed during an anniversary event at the Fashion Museum in Santiago on October 21, 2015 the exact date in the future that Fox Marty McFly travelled to in a souped up DeLorean fitted with a flux capacitor in the second part of the blockbuster trilogy. Fans of the series are marking Wednesday landmark date by celebrating some of the predictions that came true in the futuristic saga and some that didn The films follow the time travelling adventures of young Marty, a teenager living in small town America in 1985 played by Michael J.

They look OK on Michael Phelps and his hunky teammates but not for those cute little female gymnasts. My first reaction to this was that I was glad he got busted. Then I thought about our freedom of speech, then about all the ridiculous tweets that are sent out every nanosecond and the amount of arrests (for stupidity alone) that could take place in an effort to keep the twitterverse clean and respectable.

There was disenchantment throughout the athletic department in the way the Huskies’ frontcourt players were developing. In the first public departure following the season, Illian announced he was leaving. Ollie later hired Carlos Daniel, most recently strength and conditioning coach at SMU, in that role.