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If a property assessed value is lower than its market value, county officials can increase the assessed value by up to 3 percent a year. That often the source of a mysterious increase on a property tax bill. And because assessed values are often so much lower than market values, the assessed value can still go up even if the market value has dropped, such as in the last recession..

A. I love the idea that we could continue to be a platform for supporting young designers, in almost their incubator stages of them becoming something bigger, then growing into a viable business. The concept is that it will rotate each season with a new group of designers we can showcase and introduce to our customers..

The list of top 100 players expected to attend Gibbons’ camp is long and distinguished, and includes the likes of Kwame Brown, James White, Eddy Curry, Robert Whaley, Maurice Williams, Dijon Thompson, Greg Tinch, Terrance Ford, John Allen, Tony Key, Marcus Campbell, Ousmane Cisse and others. Another highly regarded prospect, 6 foot 3 Rashard Carruth of Oak Hill Academy (Va.), is close to signing with new Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt. But with Carruth expected to be out on the recruiting circuit for the next few months, schools like Kentucky, Miami, Louisville, Memphis, UConn and North Carolina will undoubtedly try to change his mind..

The No. 2 overall draft pick came back from a one game absence and did so wearing Nike Kobe AD sneakers instead of a pair from the line that his father, LaVar, is marketing for $495 a pair. Then he brought the Lakers back from a 15 point deficit to claim a spot in the round of 16 on Thursday against No.

The next step is to optimize the names of your graphic images. Rename the graphic image TMs file name to your keyword phrases. Separate each word with a . But of the more than 45 events it holds annually, many are national and not all of them involve sports, director Antonio Saviano said. Soccer Development Academy Winter Showcase and Nike International Friendlies, which brought in teams from Brazil and Turkey. It also was the site this year of the music and motorcycle festival Thunder by the Bay after the event was moved from downtown Sarasota for the first time..

Still adjusting the weather, he said. Too cold for me. I hate the cold. Tests two years ago found 25 to 79 parts per billion at the park’s southern border. Four months later, tests showed TCE at 11 parts per billion in a private well on Bauer Road. Over the last several years, the corps has installed about 45 monitoring wells at various depths in the park..